Disappointment and Frustration merge

When the kids mess around and wreck your awesome plan.

Does this happen to you? You get a fun, heart warming, memory making idea to do with your kids. It’s special. Usually for me it’s cosy and cuddly or it’s creation based. Think: build a fort and cosy up with all the blankets and pillows. Cuddle close and watch Disney on the tablet. Or go to the dollar store and get fun loose piece art supplies and spend the afternoon crafting!

homemade play dough rainbow

But the kids struggle to transition or they get over excited and can’t complete any task or they simply attack each as they do. I try to remind them of the joy we are aiming for. I see it in my mind’s eye and I crave the mommy-daughter moments and connections. I wish I could put my vision into their heads.

Each failed request, every ignored task, I see my image waver. It falters. My heart breaks a little.

I’ve never learned to deal with hurt or disappointment (or many emotions for that matter). I express it in frustration. I get exasperated. I want to yell “come on!!! Just put on your shoes!! We have a PLAN”. I want to cry. I want to throw something. I want to make some noise to block out the difficulties.

rainbow play dough Christmas trees

Sometimes we persevere through and we get to those cosy moments. Or those photo worthy creations. But I often struggle to move on from that disappointment meets frustration.

How do you stop a negative feeling?

How do you move with time to be in the present?

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