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I meant to start this blog by writing daily. We’ll get to time management another day… We had a friend pass. No, not covid. But Covid sure didn’t make anything easier. But grief… You’d think by now in life, one would have gained more understanding of how to cope, how to feel and share the… Continue reading Grief.

The Journey to Diagnoses: Childhood

I’ve spent the past almost decade saying “I should have been diagnosed”. Through deep delving into my own psyche and experiences, long conversations with like-undiagnosed friends, and brief back-and-forth with my sister and mother; it felt so relatable. I was an extremely sensitive, overly shy, highly imaginative, fiercely independent kid. I was selectively mute. I… Continue reading The Journey to Diagnoses: Childhood

Mommy needs a break!!

I think the best self-care thing I have EVER- like ever-ever- done for myself was installing a locking knob on my bedroom door. Our ensuite had one, but there is still so much sensory overload hiding in a bathroom with sunlight streaming in the window, at least one kids bangs on the door echoing through… Continue reading Mommy needs a break!!

becoming a mom

Is there anything more sensory overload than becoming a mom for the first time? Even spending that first 40 weeks learning to give your body over to another HUMAN that is growing INSIDE you: it does not prepare you for the transition to parenthood. Labour, Caesarean, Epidural, Med-free, Adoption- however you went through the process,… Continue reading becoming a mom

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